i only come on tumblr to actually blog about my life post breakup

last night was horrible 

i don’t remember a single thing 

and thats the shit i dont like 

from what i was told this morning by the people i was with

i went into a club and i was throwing up everywhere 

and went to someone’s private room and threw up all over them 

and danny and  ivan had to carry me out of the club

i don’t even remember being in the club 

only thing i remember was some man telling me he was calling the cops and that he was going to have me arrested

and i screamed i dont care im single now 

i never used to believe people who said

alcohol makes you not remember the shit you did 

but now i do.

  1. nowenteryourwatchman said: gurlll, you need to stay safe and shake this pain off!
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  • Posted: 18 August 2012